Our Courses

Strengthen the Knot

A powerful course to help prepare you for marital life

Empowered You

An empowering course designed for teenage girls to learn about productivity, psychology, behavior, and positivity

Depression – Conquer it before it conquers you

A holistic and natural approach to dealing with depression without medication


Learn how time management is only a myth, and how to manage yourself instead

Home Learning

Start the journey of homeschooling, and discover how a child learns by him/herself, with minimal assistance from parents

Guilt Free Parenting

There is so much information available on the internet about parenting, but how much of this information applies to me? Why do I fail to implement what I learn? What kind of “knowledge” (not information) can help me develop a strong bond with my child?

Ramadan – Let’s do it Practically

Know so many virtues of Ramadan, yet fail to make the most of it? Learn to plan Ramadan productively and overcome your challenges to be able to make this Ramadan the best one of your life