Truth be told, you cannot manage time. You just get 24 hours a day, 168 in a week and we can only manage ourselves against time. While it’s imperative to embrace our own pace, learning simple yet effective time management techniques can not only help you utilize those 24 hours productively but also enjoy plenty of free time for reflection and introspection. Specifically tailored to the needs of busy women, this not-so-complicated guide to self-management will help you learn quick and easy techniques that will bring sanity back to life. Enjoy reading!


3 simple reasons to read this book:

1) This book will help you meet your inner self. It will enable you to discover what drives your behavior, why you do the things you do, and why you like the things you like.

2) It will help you better understand the people around you (children, parents, spouse), their needs, and your role in fulfilling those needs. Once you understand their values, you can strengthen your relationship with your loved ones.

3) It will boost your self-esteem and confidence, and make you a strong decision-maker.

…and there is much more in store for you once you discover your values and yourself!

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Ever made a decision and regretted it later? I know, I know. Been there, done that.

At any given moment, every single one of us is in the middle of making a decision that can change our lives in a millisecond. A decision can change our life for the better or worse. Good decisions can propel us down the path to incredible success while bad decisions can make us regret forever.

From choosing the right spouse or the perfect university; where to go for a picnic or which country to live in; doing a job or becoming your boss, living in a joint family or a nuclear one; we are making decisions every moment, and that’s why it is incumbent on us to learn the art of making strong, powerful and positive decisions which can steer the wheels of our lives in the right direction.

How can you be proficient in this art? If you do not want to regret your decisions ever again, you need to learn the process that leads to powerful decision-making.

Allow yourself the luxury of skipping the trial and error method, and learn the quick and simple-to-apply steps of the decision-making process by downloading your copy of “Decision Making – The Islamic Way” now!


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