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Alhamdulillah I was born a Muslim but it was after some life changing events that I had faith, and followed Allah blindly. I learned the hard way that I had no one but Him on my side; and so I started comprehending Islam and practicing it. I learned from my experiences the importance of mental and emotional health, and I was always passionate about helping others so I choose to study Psychology. In university, where there were hardly any practicing Muslims, and due to the hectic schedule I felt like I was being drifted away from Islam and I was in an endless dilemma between choosing ‘deen’ or ‘dunya’. Alhamdulillah, this summer I was blessed with an opportunity to attend one of Bela’s programs and resolve my dilemma.

She has given me effective tips to make the most of the little time we are given in this world to earn Jannah, and helped me find that balance between deen and dunya. I loved that she related Quran to science and psychology and made persuasive arguments. She also shared famous peoples secrets to a successful and happy life and secrets to self improvement from an Islamic prospective. The inspiring stories she shares reminded me of my dream, that I had almost given up on: to make a difference in at least one persons life(like convert someone to Islam); in-fact it was at the top of my bucket list. Her encouragement to maximize potentials and to achieve goals, has given me the push I needed to work on it. The knowledge that Bella has given me, and the knowledge I will get in University from further pursuing my studies in Psychology along with Islamic studies; I will use it to change, and make people’s lives better and work on my dream one step at a time.

Javeria, student.





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