Tonje, Norway

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Have you ever decided that “now is the time to change”? Then you’ve been enthusiastic about it for a while and you’ve felt that things are finally going your way. But then difficulties arise and you get lazy about it. You lose all motivation and energy. You even lose hope in making the changes you really want in life and in improving yourself.

I promise you, I’ve been there – so many times.

I even started a degree that wasn’t for me at all. After a few months into the studies I felt I was drowning in them, because I had no interest in what I was doing; I hated picturing myself as a successful professional in that field; I felt I was going in completely opposite direction of where I should be heading towards. And it hurt. It hurt so badly.

When I was at my lowest and I could not see any good with what I was doing or where I was heading, I turned to Allah for help, guidance and assistance. All I really wanted was to work for Him and dosomething that was pleasing to Him. My greatest issue with the studies was that I felt they were pulling me away from Him and my true purpose. So when I hit the bottom I knew that only Allah could help me back up and guide me to a better path in life.

Only a few days after I made a very sincere dua to Allah I listened to Bela Khan talk about patience. She spoke about her struggles when she started practicing Islam. It was so lovely to listen to her, because she was describing so many of my problems, and at the same time she was laughing and making jokes,about them because SHE GOT THROUGH & she was PATIENT. During her talk I smiled and I laughed and I cried. Her words had an amazing effect on my heart. Subhanallah!

After her talk I had no choice but to write to her.

Alhamdulillah, she quickly got back to me & we had our consultation session.

Now we’ve met regularly for coaching sessions for the last 6 months, and I must say I’m completely amazed of the effect her words, her advices, her exercises, her support and her help have had on me personally. I’ve never been able to do any major changes with my life on my own. But with Bela, as my personal coach, things have really started happening.

I’ve been struggling with very low self-esteem for at least 9 years of my life. And I’ve never thought that I have anything to offer or give to other people. The last 10 years of my life I’ve pretty much wasted all my abilities, all my talents and all my time. I’ve let destructive thoughts take control and decide the direction of my life.

In just 6 months things have changed drastically. Subhanallah! My life, my confidence, my attitude, my beliefs, my thoughts, my goals and aspirations – everything is changed. What I notice in my life, what I pay attention to, how I feel throughout my days, what I think I can do – it’s all different. I’m a visionary now. I dream big. I’m sure I can contribute very positively in many people’s lives. I know I can make a difference.

Neither I nor Bela will give her all the credit for the amazing changes that have been happening in my life the last months. All praise and all thanks belong to Allah. But I must say I’m incredibly grateful for the fact that Allah SWT led Bela into my life in the exact moment I needed her. The coaching she’s offering is without a doubt of high quality. Bela has a lot of knowledge, valuable experiences and a huge heart. These things combined make her advices, exercises and sessions very helpful and powerful. Not even once have I left her session without a stronger sense of gratitude and a more positive outlook on my struggles.

The best part about her service is that she brings Allah into everything she teaches. So it’s not just about you and your difficulties. It’s about seeking Allah’s help and assistance in order to improve your circumstances. It’s about seeing the blessings He’s sending you every single day. It’s about being grateful to Him and trusting Him fully. And most importantly it’s about finding your unique purpose and passion, so that you can utilize what you’ve been given for the sake of the Giver (Allah).

So, if you don’t know where you’re going or what you should be doing, I highly recommend you to sign up for and get started with coaching sessions with Muslim Women Empowerment as quickly as possible. It might do wonders!





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