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Salam ….I’m a 15 year old student,living in K.S.A.

Sr. Bela has helped me overcome depression, made me like my self, my potentials and talents even more.She taught me how to raise my energy level and confidence, even though its been only a few days since I joined her program. Most importantly, it was not done by some therapy, but by Allah’s Word.This made me come closer to Allah and made me feel grateful for every good thing in my life.I eventually ended up, somewhat forgetting my griefs. I guess you always have the thought in your mind that something big is missing in your life, either peace or potential. As a teenager even small difficulties seem to be the hardest thing to overcome.But now I guess I’m not going to be a loser doing nothing and being depressed. I’m going to fight my Nafs and my problems and make my Imaan stronger. InshaAllah!!

Abeer, Student.





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