Irum, Pakistan

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It still feels like I’m dreaming. I still remember a post by the name of BELA KHAN and I had applied in her program..and then, the journey started with her & with my awesome fellows. Since I reverted back to Islam, it was my first course that I was taking regularly.

She taught me how to have a positive approach in your life. How to be a grateful slave of ALLAH SWT. How to respect, behave, think, teach, practice Islam, tackle your problems & much more.

She came in my life as a friend who listens to your problems & wipe your tears away, as a teacher who guides you towards the right path & tells you the truth, a life coach who solves all your problems as if they were her own.

I remember once when I was kind of angry & frustrated, few words of a lecture (I had taken of Sr.Bela) came into my mind and all my anger cooled down instantly, and at that very moment the thought came “COMPANY MATTERS”.

I’m unable to THANK ALLAH SWT enough for sending her in my life. I’m unable to thank Sr.Bela for taking me just as her sister & for solving my all problems.

Today ,I’ll feel no regret to admit it that, “When I came towards Islam, people taught me many things about Islam but the real picture of Islam i got from Sr.Bela.”

“Listen to her talks once & you’ll find her HOW AWESOME SHE IS MASHALLAH.”





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