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What has appealed to me about Bela’s program is that it compels you to take a fresh look at yourself- your entire being, your attitude, your thoughts, actions, strengths and weakness. This program trains you to convert your simple daily deeds into acts of worship and to my amazement I realized that this is why it is said ISLAM IS A WAY OF LIFE and you are connected with Allah SWT 24 / 7 .

In her program, we are not only gaining knowledge but most importantly, applying that knowledge to ourselves and since the emphasis is on sharing and teaching what you learn, it is Insha Allah going to be a form of SADAQAH JARIAH for us.

After attending 6 sessions of this program, I feel ENCOURAGED, INSPIRED, to discover my potential and EMPOWERED to use my potential to change myself and those around me purely for the pleasure of Allah SWT. A Life-changing beginning InSha Allah.

I would sincerely and strongly recommend this course to all age Groups as I found it to be a SIMPLE , PRACTICAL and WONDERFUL.

Soulat Asra, Teacher





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