Emotional Empowerment


2-Day Workshop on Managing your Emotions

26th and 27th June, 2014

5 am Saudi Arabia Standard Time

Emotional Empowerment

DAY – 1

Module 1

Dear Emotions, I am the boss

Learn 4 techniques of effectively managing your intense negative emotions.

Module 2

Everything is pink and rosy

Ways of inculcating positive emotions: How you can consciously cultivate positive emotions like love, empathy and happiness which are extremely important for your physical and mental well-being and also help you build stronger relationships.

Module 3 Ventilation – Bye bye bad air

Surprise content.

Day – 2

Module 1 Me, Myself and I 

Why having ME time is an absolute must and what are the benefits of it.

Module 2 I Love You, You Love me

Healthy relationships are critical to our psychological and physical well-being. How can we potentially establish meaningful and compassionate relationships with other?

Module 3 Can you help me?

How, where and when to seek social support? Remember everyone is not worth sharing your problem with. Sometimes when you share it with others, it intensifies. So, where can you find actual support? Who are the people who can really help you with the situation?

Module 4 Life style choices

Simple, healthy and easy to apply choices that can make a major difference in our physical and mental well-being.


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